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Specialist Diploma: Choreological Studies

Specialist Diploma: Choreological Studies


Exploration, experimentation and application of Choreological Studies.

These theories of human movement initially put forward by Rudolf Laban and developed by current professionals in the field will stimulate the development of your artistic intelligence, physical competence, creativity and autonomy through engendering literacy in the complexities and inherent forms of human movement.

The course will engender a deeper and wider level of understanding through a coherent series of discursive practical workshops and lectures.

The workshops will explicate the palette of human movement, looking at movement from within itself with a language of its own.

Lectures will cite the praxis in its historical framework and within the context of movement theory and learning.

Students are supported to develop a rigorous understanding of the structures of movement and the ability to examine, analyse, document and physically demonstrate this knowledge.

Tutorials will then support students in their own practical application of this knowledge to their own areas of interest within the field of each module.

  Due Date
1st Instalment 11th July 2016
2nd Instalment 24th October 2017
3rd Instalment 20th Febraury 2017
Full Payment
1st Instalment
2nd Instalment
3rd Instalment

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